"Whoever touches the life of the child touches the most sensitive point of a whole
which has roots in the most distant past and climbs toward the infinite future".
Maria Montessori



We welcome you to visit Montessori @ Howick Primary at our open days (held in Terms 1 and 3), check out our calendar for the next scheduled open day.  Our open days are not only an opportunity to watch a class in action, but also a chance to talk to the teachers, parents and trustees.

To come and observe a class, please contact us to arrange a time to visit.  Only by watching the children learn will you get that “aha” moment of why a Montessori primary education is such a unique opportunity for your child.  We politely request you download a copy of the observation guidelines.

In addition once we have your details, we can start sending you our newsletters and details of Montessori events at our school. You are welcome to come to any of our family or educational events to meet and talk with other parents and to the trustees. Educational evenings will be held in Terms 2 and 4, check the calendar for dates.


Attending a Montessori Pre-School is a preferred quality of children joining the primary class. Pre-schools prepare children for primary by teaching them to work independently and by encouraging them to care for the classroom environment. At Montessori pre-schools children gain sensorial experience with Montessori materials and overall are familiar with the Montessori approach by the time that they start at Montessori @ Howick Primary.

Montessori @ Howick Primary maintains contact with the local Montessori pre-schools and, as required, works with them in the transition of a child from pre-school to primary school. Our teachers may also visit the local pre-schools to talk to both pre-school teachers and pre-school parents.

Montessori defined the stages of child development (she called them planes of development) from 0 – 6,  6 -12 (and then 12 – 18 and 18 – 24).  She based this on scientific studies (still valid today) that a child’s physiological development reaches a new stage at these ages.   This is why Montessori primary schools start at age 6.  Socially and emotionally, as well as academically, the development of a child between 5 and 6 is significant.  Though many parents may feel that their children are “ready” for school, they come to realise that waiting until they are 6 allows the child to take advantage of leadership and other learning opportunities at pre school.  Both academically and socially the child makes much progress between age 5 and 6 (including consolidating their early learning by sharing it with other young children) - and they settle better into primary school as a result of this

Note. For details of 20 hours free early childhood education (ECE) for children up to the age of 6 - contact your Montessori pre school or The Ministry of Education


Enrolment at Howick Primary School
Children at the Montessori Unit are enrolled with Howick Primary School.  A copy of the School’s Ministry of Education Enrolment Form will be sent to you on request. A copy is also available from the school office – to where the form should be returned.

  Starting School - a guide to Montessori @ Howick Primary.
A starting school guide will be posted to you with your school starter pack.



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